Sunday, December 9, 2012

Young Adult Novel Holiday Gift Ideas

I just finished composing my 2012 list of suggested titles for holiday gift giving and realized that many of them are novels that I have included in my monthly blogs.  I divided the recommended books into the following categories: Dystopian, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Paranormal, and Realistic Romance for ease of access.  As I was determining the categories, I realized most of the books for which publishers provide galley copies are fantasy books, so I broke them down into three different types. I tried to focus on stand alone books or the first books in new series, since I assume most readers who are invested in a series are aware when the newest book is published. Many of the books cross over into several areas, so my categorization is rather arbitrary. Romance in one form or another is included in most of the novels.  

However, one of my favorite books of the year, Colin Fischer by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, is tough to define and certainly is not going to attract readers with its title.The tagline "Solving crime, one facial expression at a time." gives you a clue as to the whimsical nature of Colin Fischer, the loveable character created by the screenwriters of X-Men: First Class and Thor. My guess is this book will be the first in a series of novels starring this modern day Sherlock Holmes. I hope the following short synopsis will intrigue you.
Diagnosed with Asperger’s autism, Colin Fischer has always been out of sync with his classmates. He carries a notebook to record his findings and more importantly to check his cheat sheet on facial expressions, which gives him clues to people’s emotions.  Obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, Colin uses his powers of deduction to try to understand the world around him. When the school bully is accused of bringing a gun to the school cafeteria, Colin decides it is up to him to find out who the real culprit is.

A bare bones list of holiday gift giving ideas follows.  If you would like a printable list which includes a brief synopsis and age level recommendations, please let me know.
Dystopian - Don't Turn Around (Gagnon), Son, (Lowry), Cinder (Meyer), Under the Never Sky (Rossi)
Historical - The Dark Unwinding (Cameron), Enemy Territory (McKay), Dodger (Patchett), Code Name Verity (Wein)
Fantasy - The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Carson), Bitterblue (Cashore), Tempest (Cross), Grave Mercy (LaFevers), Every Day (Levithan)
Mystery - Summer at Forsaken Lake (Biel), Colin Fischer ( Miller and Stentz) Venom (Paul)
Paranormal - The Diviners (Bray), Carnival of Souls (Marr), Black City (Richards), The Raven Boys (Stiefvater) Lucid (Stoltz and Bass)
Realistic Romance - Guitar Notes (Amato), Skinny (Cooner), Graffiti Moon (Crowley), The Fault in Our Stars (Green), Slammed (Hoover), Wanderlove (Hubbard)

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